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Waikato Cabins Investment Opportunity
Managed Portable Rental Cabins
Investment Opportunity
A fully managed, passive income earning opportunity providing an attractive return on investment and security through direct ownership.
Passive Returns Averaging
Per Annum Paid Monthly
Passive Returns Averaging
Per Annum - Paid Monthly
Low Cost of Entry at
High Occupancy Rate of
with Pooled Income & Expenses
Years Successfully Managing Portable Rental Cabins
* For the 12 months prior to publication from May 2022 to June 2023. As at June 2023 ROI is trending upward. ** We work to a target Occupancy Rate of 95%. Disclaimer: Performance figures are based on historical performance and do not constitute any warranty or representation regarding future performance or returns.
An opportunity to invest in comfortable and robust portable cabins that are hired and managed on your behalf. Not only will you have the opportunity to achieve attractive returns, you will also be helping fulfil a need in New Zealand for temporary portable accommodation.
Cabins To Rent Ute + Cabin
Waikato Cabins Investment Applications Map
Key Highlights of This Offer
  • Returns paid monthly.
  • Strong hirer demand with limited supply.
  • Pooled income and expenses. ┬áNo income downtime.
  • Professionally managed from our base in South Waikato.
  • Lower risk through direct ownership of cabins.
  • Purchase as many or as few cabins as you choose.
    A total of 30 cabins are being sold in this round.
  • Buyers of rental cabins enjoy a 15% discount off the RRP.
  • Low cost of entry at $49,678 +gst.
Further information is provided in the Information Memorandum
Waikato Cabins Investment Opportunity Information Memorandum